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Reverse Mortgage Purchase in
Orange County CA

An Alternate Option for Financial Freedom

You've worked hard and built up equity in your home. However, many seniors find themselves in a situation where they either want to downsize or just move closer to their kids or grand kids. Maybe their existing home just does not meet their needs due to accessibility. 

They commonly find themselves in one of these situations:

  • They can't qualify for a new loan.  
  • If you sold your existing home, after paying all the expenses, you wouldn't have enough money left over to buy an adequate home
  • They do not want to end up using a big portion of their saving to buy a new home
  • They do not want to become a renter


A Reverse Mortgage Purchase loan may be the solution. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Purchase Loan with No Income or Credit Qualifications!
  • Downsize or move closer to your kids / grand kids
  • Option to make payments or not make payments
  • Don’t use up all your cash from the sale of your existing home
  • Do not need to become a renter
  • Help Prevent Foreclosure – In Some Cases Foreclosure Can be Stopped

When you work with Chuck Chiodo, we'll take the time to walk you through your options, explain the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Refinance or a Reverse Mortgage Purchase, and address any questions or concerns you might have. Our caring, knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping clients like you make the most of their financial options; and our commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can expect exceptional service every step of the way.

You have nothing to lose by getting the facts about reverse mortgages. Call us today for more information, and see if a reverse mortgage is right for you.


Chuck Chidoo